• David L. Clapham Painting
  • David L. Clapham Painting
  • David L. Clapham Painting
  • David L. Clapham Painting
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David Clapham’s work has moved full circle back to the painter’s studio within the last five years. His collection of work shows the culmination of a career of visual experiment and in particular the ongoing challenge of combining new media with the painters art. As a reoccurring image the flooded fields of Buckinghamshire are manipulated using digital techniques to incorporate images from other influences. The resultant paintings have a ‘time-warp’ quality about them making one observer comment that a glimpse has been caught of another dimension in time or place.

These images have developed over a period of several years and are as much about the mood and changes of light that occur in the landscape as the computer generated means of their reproduction. The constant re-printing and re-scaling, worked from the numerous versions of the same image result in an amalgamation of thought and time contiguous with the changing appearance of landscape. The time and labour involved in reworking of the image allows for the assimilation of influences from previous paintings, drawings, videos and the observations of Jung, Freud and Klein.

The variations of exposure and print quality add a random element to the process, creating possibilities for the observer to catch a trace of another dimension in the finished work.


united-kingdom After adolescence in North Yorkshire, and an early art college training in Harrogate David Clapham was accepted at the Slade School in London in 1959,and enjoyed a unique education under the guidance of Professor William Coldstream, and William Townsend.

London at that time was a hotbed of new ideas in the arts and the advent of pop culture contrasted strongly with the figurative traditions of the Slade School. This encouraged a re-evaluation of objective painting and sculpture, and what emerged in the work of Michael Andrews, Euan Uglow, Leonard McComb, Anthony Gormley and Paula Rego stems from this new Slade philosophy.

While at the Slade, Clapham worked in both painting and sculpture working largely from life, later experimentation with abstract expressionism was strongly influenced by the American Exhibitions held in the early sixties at the Tate. In 1961 he was awarded a travelling scholarship, and stayed in Paris, later moving south to live near the Mediterranean in Colliouer, and later Banyuls, the birthplace of Maillol, and unbeknown to Clapham at the time once a favourite haunt of Matisse and Derain.

After returning to England, he lived and worked in London and supported himself with casual work at the BBC and later the theatre, returning to post-graduate studies at Bradford College of Art in 1964 and exhibiting at the Spring Exhibition in 1965.

In that same year he was appointed as a lecturer in Fine Art at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, and then in 1967 moved to Liverpool College of Art to teach painting. Here he made a notable contribution in the development of ‘new media’ by including film and moving image into the Fine Art vocabulary.

While still painting and exhibiting, he established an Art Gallery, and was a founder member of a studio complex in Liverpool, that included among others Anish Kapoor, Ian McKeever, Adrian Henri, and Maurice Cockrill as resident artists.

While working as a Fine Art lecturer, Clapham developed a successful twenty-year relationship with mainstream television eventually moving into documentary film making full-time in 1989 frustrated with the increasing bureaucracy of Art Education.

Between the years of 1980-2004, David Clapham worked in broadcast and corporate television productions for companies in Italy, Spain, USA, and received several broadcast commissions from Granada TV. His work has been shown on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SUD Channel-Spain, TV4 Sweden, TV2 Norway, NOS Holland, ORF Austria, SABC South Africa, and TV2 Denmark, and more recently camerawork for Slinky Pictures for their Bafta nominated ‘Dads Dead’ a groundbreaking live-action animation film, winner of the 2004 British Animation award.

portugal David Clapham, artista plástico britânico, licenciado pela Slade School, com experiência transversal e ímpar nas Artes - professor universitário com um contributo notável na inclusão do filme e da imagem em movimento no vocabulário de Belas Artes, antigo proprietário de uma galeria em Liverpool e membro-fundador de um complexo de estúdios que incluiu como artistas residentes Anish Kapoor, Ian McKeever, Adrian Henri, entre outros, produziu documentários para a BBC, entre outras cadeiras televisivas.

Atualmente divide o seu tempo entre Londres e Vila Nova do Ceira - Passo, onde tem o seu atelier. As pinturas de Clapham possuem uma identidade viva, que deve tanto às associações latentes de uma infância passada a deambular pelo campo de North Yorkshire, às influências de Bacon, Rauschenberg e de Kooning na década de sessenta, como às suas experiências de vida, que incluem as terras altas do Cazaquistão, as gravações sob tempestades no oceano Atlântico, ou passear com pagãos no Golden Gate Park.

Este corpo de trabalho é sobre o vale que rodeia o seu estúdio em Passo, com vista para Góis.

Exhibition List

Exhibitions, and others, include:

Plymouth City Art Gallery, 1964

Bradford Spring Exhibition, 1965

Farnham Centre ‘British Drawing and Painting Survey’,1967

Yoko Ono Performance- Bluecoat, 1967

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 1967

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 1968,1969

Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 1971,1976

‘Plessey’ Installation Liverpool Academy Gallery, 1972

‘Similitude’ installation Walker Art Gallery, 1973

Kunsterne Hus, Olso’ Liverpool Exhibition’, 1973

‘Communications’ Third Eye Gallery Glasgow, 1974

Liverpool University Gallery, 1976

Bridewell Studio Open Exhibition, 1979

Support actor in Chris Shepherd’s film ‘Bad Night for the Blues’:
Winner of International Canal and award at the Clermont Farrand International Film Festival 2010

Galeria Almedina Coimbra, Portugal, 2007

Exhibited in Harrogate Open, 2011

Goisartes Portugal and Oroso, Spain, 2013
- images

Mercearia de Arte, Coimbra 2014
- images

Art Catto, Loulé, Portugal, January 2015

A M A L G A M | A M Á L G A M A, June 20th - July 11th 2015, Gallery Quadrasoltas, Rue Bombarda, Porto, Portugal
- images

‘The Borders’ | ‘das Beiras’ November 2017
A collection of recent paintings and collages created in his studio in Central Portugal
D Contemporary Gallery, 23 Grafton Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4EY

Work in private collections in the U.K